Married with Special Needs Children

Married with Special Needs Children Book Winner of the 2007 iparenting media Excellent Product Awardand named one of the “Ten Best Books for Parents in 2007”by Exceptional Parent Magazine

Finding a book about the impact of a special-needs child on marriage and family life that doesn’t make you want to hide in a dark room with a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine and cry your eyes out is something of a challenge… Without minimizing the difficulties of nurturing a marriage while nurturing a highly needy child, the authors point out ways to sustain and strengthen the ties of love. not just of duty, the bind spouses together.  It’s an encouraging, even inspirational read…. Full of practical advice for couples, whether they are functioning well or falling apart.”  — Terry Mauro, author and host,, Parenting Special Needs Guide

The Professional Opinion 

“Laura Marshak and Fran Prezant have written a book that is so much needed by parents facing the challenge of raising a child with special needs. Married with Special Needs Children is the book they will turn to for answers and inspiration. Many parents will recognize themselves in these pages and find comfort in knowing they are not alone.”  — Anne Ford, Chairman Emeritus, National Center for Learning Disabilities“. The essence of Marshak and Prezant’s work is a genuine concern for the increasing relationship satisfaction in families with children having special needs.Their simple, direct and inspirational language is apt for distraught parents, and so is the engaging format.”  — Anisha Shah,  PsycCritiques

“This book recognizes the overwhelming stresses affecting family dynamics that can cause or widen existing cracks in marriages of parents of children with disabilities.  The authors share candid anecdotes from parents who have “lived it” and offer a wealth of sensitive and realistic suggestions to make a marriage work.”  — Virginia W. Stern, Director, Project on Science Technology and Disability, American Association for the Advancement of Science 

“The authors are clearly experts in their field and have interviewed many couples who are “living it”. It feels good to know that we are not alone in our struggles and that what we experience is normal given our, at times, overwhelming situation.  Laura and Fran’s deep compassion shines through their words and will change many lives.”  —  Lisa Greene, Coauthor – Parenting Children with Health Issues

Fighting Family Married with Special Needs Children

The Parent’s Opinion 

“Of course I waited till I was struggling to buy the book.  It was wonderful and gave me a new perspective from “both” sides of the coin.  Made me a more understanding person of not just myself but also my spouse.”  — Amy Litko“This is a much needed book for any parents who have special needs children.  One of the main problems I see as a marriage therapist is the tendency to focus every ounce of energy on the child to the neglect of the marriage. As the parent of a child with Down syndrome, I have witnessed this in my own marriage.  Marshak and Prezant present time honored practical ways to keep your  marriage strong when faced with the extraordinary challenges of parenting a disabled or differently-abled child. Written from a “knowing’ perspective, this book should be handed to every parent at the point of their child’s diagnosis .”  — Lee Potter           

.”.This book does what is says.  Addresses the fundamentals of marriage.  It talks about remembering each other, communicating, ensuring you take time for each other and not letting the child consume your life.  This is important.  A child is going to change your life anyways, But a special needs child REALLY does. It also talks about how you might grieve differently from one another and learning to respect your partner’s ways of grieving.  …It was a quick read and had alot of references and comments from couples. The book is a definite way to remind you how to work with your partner…”
— M. Verdecchia

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