About Our Site

We searched for a title for this website that would communicate the common theme that ties our work together.  As two professionals who have collaborated on many different projects pertaining to living well with disability, this was a bit difficult. These projects involve four books, workshops, research articles, interviews and many conference presentations.   However, we think disability and family balance sums it up fairly well.

Balance is key to quality of life and when it comes to disability, we are aware that  many issues can disrupt it  (and there are many ways to restore it). These issues include the difficult process of identifying a disability, adjusting to what that means in the life a family, relationships between parents and working with educators and specialists. Then there are the issues of balancing the needs of family members as well as your own needs. We also know that balance in a family often changes when a member with a disability begins to transition to adulthood, vocation and/or higher education and that this can be a difficult time in the life of a family As part of this, families need to deal with getting others to understand accommodations and the art of genuine inclusion. We have been involved in working with families on these issues as well as others that impact the quality of life of persons with disabilities on a broader level.

Balance also relates to relationships with our communities.  It requires different forms of advocacy and combating disability stereotypes.  This form of balance has also been central to our work .  One of our many projects has been research on how people with disabilities are portrayed in children’s books. We have collaborated, researched, written and spoken in all  these areas and will be posting related blogs.

This website contains descriptions and links to many different aspects of our work in the disability arena. Please explore it, participate in our blog and feel free to contact us.