Dr. Vermeij’s Conch Quest Children’s Book Giveaway!

 Enter for a chance to win a free book in our Summer  Book Giveaway! 

One lucky entrant will be randomly selected to receive our book  “Dr. Vermeij’s Conch Quest“, a children’s picture book about the exciting world of marine life and the journey of a young child with a disability who became an award winning scientist.

Book Description: Having found through their research that there were not a lot of children’s books depicting people with disabilities in a variety of occupations, the authors set out to add to the list of such books themselves. In Dr. Vermeij’s Conch Quest, the reader is entertained by beautiful pictures and descriptions of molluscs through the eyes of Dr. Vermeij, a successful scientist and scholar who also happens to have been blind since childhood. This wonderful book engages young readers in the exciting world of marine science and opens up occupational possibilities for children as they begin to explore and envision future career  and vocational interests.

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