Going Solo while Raising Children with Disabilities

We are happy to announce that this new book, published by Woodbine House, will be available May 2015. It the first book to focus on solo parents of children with a wide range of disabilities include developmental disabilities, chronic illness, physical disabilities and ones that impact mental health. Fran and I have always believed in the wisdom of parents. So in keeping with this belief, I reached out to solo parents wherever I could find them to learn their best strategies for living life well while raising one or more children with disabilities on their own. Albert Einstein said that everyone is a genius at something, so I decided to highlight the genius strategies embedded in their personal narratives. I advertised for solos through Craigslist amongst other places and had the fortune of meeting interesting wonderful people. When possible, I traveled to meet them and get their stories. I will be sharing them with readers in this book along with everything I have learned being a psychologist specializing in disabilities for more than the past 25 years. The book is in keeping with the goal that I share with Fran Prezant which is to help families and individuals thrive while living with disability within the family.

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