Married with Special Needs Children Book Giveaway!

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One lucky entrant will be randomly selected to receive our book  “Married with Special Needs Children“, Winner of the 2007 iparenting media Excellent Product Awardand named one of the “Ten Best Books for Parents in 2007″ by Exceptional Parent Magazine

Married with Special Needs Children Book Giveaway


Book DescriptionMarried with Special-Needs Children looks at the ways in which having a child with special needs can make it more difficult for a marriage to thrive and how a child’s intensive needs can change the structure of a marriage. The authors examine many of the underlying stresses and common pitfalls –a couple’s differing coping mechanisms and expectations of a child, communication breakdowns and difficulties resolving conflicts, for example. They then present a wide range of strategies for handling or preventing these problems. Marshak and Prezant also describe what makes a marriage strong, such as continuing to share connections outside of parenting roles, keeping a sense of autonomy, and sharing childcare responsibilities. Parents get advice about the importance of romance and intimacy and the benefits of finding time for each other even when they feel too tired or overwhelmed. In addition, the book deals with serious marital troubles and divorce considerations. Throughout are quotes from husbands and wives, offering special insight into what was especially difficult for them, what solutions they’ve discovered, and what they wished they’d done differently.

For parents looking for ways to strengthen their marriage, prevent future strife, or resolve or move on from significant relationship difficulties, this guide offers guidance and expertise for taking the next step. Married with Special-Needs Children is also invaluable to mental health professionals, giving them a realistic view of what many of their clients are dealing with on a day-to-day basis.


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  1. Barbara Ann says:

    I am a teacher for children with special needs. I love my families dearly and I am prayerfully searching for more ways to meet the family needs. My sister is a single parent of a now grown child with special needs. I have seen her joys, tears, growth, frustrations and loneliness in the caring of her son. I feel as an educator it is my responsibility to understand the families of the children that I work with. This will assist me in reaching, comforting, and understanding my children in the classroom everyday.

    • Well said. We could facilitate so much more progress for children with disabilities if we as educators, had a better understanding of the family dynamics both in terms of issues and challenges facing them on a daily basis and also the characteristics and strengths they can bring to the table. Collaboration between educators and families is critical but doesnt always happen and everyone loses out. Families can be a teacher’s best asset and the reverse is true as well.

  2. I am a mother of three daughters, my youngest happens to have a bonus chromosome, also known as Down syndrome. She has been nothing but a joy and blessing to our family, bringing us closer together and stronger as a family unit.nhowever, I wou,d be very interested in reading this book I’m am sure there are some helpful suggestions in it! When buying books on special needs I am usually purchasing ones the help me help my daughter, so winning this would give me something I probably wouldnt buy for myself because of my own nature… Not to say I wouldn’t love to have it… Fingers crossed 😉


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