Mother of 5 Shares Her Story of Raising Children with Disabilities

A special note from the winner of our last giveaway, Amy Red of Smithville, MS:

I’m a mother of 5 in the state of Mississippi.  I’m married to a wonderful United States Army Veteran.  In my spare time (with 5 kids it’s rare) I love to read, play hidden objects games, do word find puzzles, and get on the Internet.  My kids are 11, 8, 6, 5 & 6 months old…all girls but my 5 year old is a boy.  They are my everything!  My 11 year old has bipolar, ADHD, o.d.d. Among other problems.  My 8 year old has asthma, add and eye problems.  My 6 year old has asthma, eye problems, speech problem, hip dysplasia, tibia torsion, & internal femoral anteversion so far that we know.  We are currently in the process of getting my son tested to see if he has severe ADHD or something worse but he also has asthma.  My 6 month old is okay right now with just allergies, milk allergy, soy allergy & stomach issues.  The past year and a half has been hard for us.  Tornadoes ripped through our town last April completely demolishing it (our kids go to school in trailers still).  Then my husband got hurt at work December 13, 2011.  He’s been off awhile now so no income coming in (& he had a good job).  He finally had surgery August 27, 2012 the day my son turned 5.  He’s still out of work for they don’t know how long.  My  6 year old has to go back to Shriner’s Children’s hospital in Shreveport, LA on September 20, 2012 to see if she’ll start her surges on her legs or they are going to wait 2 more years.  She’s also had a full mouth rehabilitation done before.  When her surges start she will have a minimum of 4 & maximum (we hope) of 12.  Since they are all on her legs she will have to relearn to walk a few times.  As you can imagine she gets made fun of a lot…& it’s hard on her (she wears her heart on her sleeve…tender hearted). It’s really just me & my husband as her support team and our support team is each other.  I also have “adopted” my neighbor’s youngest son (both her boys have special needs and are 13 & 14) that we love to death.  He has a long list of issues and we fight for him and his brother too.  They are all very special children in my eyes & nothing could ever replace them and our love for all of them is unconditional.  Currently we are going through all this, still fighting for understanding for their issues, trying to find $ for bills and clothing for the kids (which we need desperately for them) among other things (we are still trying to figure out how to make the trip with no money and a van with wornout tires).  I wish more people were understand to these children instead of telling them to quit faking or stop trying to get attention or my least favorite they tell my 6 year old “just be normal”…she is normal…her kind of normal and I wouldn’t change my kids for anything it makes them wonderful and unique and just makes them who they are and I love every minute of life with them.  I believe they’ve learned to appreciate things more because of the struggles.  Awareness is important to me…people need to know things aren’t always perfect and some kids have it a little tougher but they are still as happy as anyone else (sometimes even happier)…also another issue I’m very concerned about is other children and adults and even teachers bullying these children or making them feel less than human or even taking advantage of the children…this really upsets me.  I’d talk more but I’d ramble on forever.  If you’d like to contact me my email address is Also if anyone has any donations we could really use them pleaseeeeeeee feel free to email me!  Thank you & God Bless You All!  Thank you also for allowing me the opportunity to win!



  1. Forgot to add little one hs severe reflux disease. Went to Shriners 6 year old still has internal femoral anteversion, tibia torsion…but also has patella misalignment…no hip dysplasia like me though so that’s great! They are hoping to hold off for surgery now til she’s 11…if they decide to I hope it doesn’t affect her…people already make fun of the way she walks and talks even though she is simply beautiful!

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