The School Counselor’s Guide to Helping Students with Disabilities

The School Counselor's Guide to Helping Students with Disabilities The School Counselor’s Guide to Helping Students with Disabilities was written to provide a succinct resource for K-12 school guidance counselors. It provides disability-specific information, addresses academic and personal/emotional needs of children with disabilities, and follows the ASCA national model. The book contents include: information on the most pertinentlegislation concerning students with disabilities, effective interventions for helping young children or adolescents experiencing social exclusion because of their disabilities, and a bonus section with disability-specific information including implications and practical applications for counselors.”The real-life stories in this book add power and credibility to its overall message. Counselors should and can be key players in facilitating positive school experiences for students with disabilities and in showing others how to do so as well.”
— Patricia A. Morrissey, Ph.D., former commisioner, Administration on Developmental Disabilities, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services“A wonderful resource for anyone who wants to truly understand the dynamics involved in educating our children in an inlusive, nurturing environment and helping our children to be able to learn alongside their non-disabled peers.” — Mary Somoza, advocate and consultant for people with disabilities, and director, Brooklyn Parent Center, The Brooklyn Center for the Independence of the Disabled

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